Molded Products:

Our mold division has modern equipment for the manufacture of parts by the mold compression method up to a diameter of 24 in (600 mm) with special cases of parts with large dimensions.
The mold products are elaborated in a wide range of elastomers including natural rubber, butylic, EPDM, nitrile acrylic, Hypalon, silicone, Neoprene, Viton, SBR and ebonite.

Vibration Polishing Equipment:

The coatings in this equipment supports the high abrasive requirements and the presence of the normally added chemical products for the right process development.


The materials used in compensators’ manufacturing cover the normally required mechanical norms for this kind of products.


Our adhesive range for cold coatings application is principally for equipment wherein, because of their dimensions, summons place, or specific technical reasons, it is not able to use vulcanizing coatings in an autoclave.

Ceramic Investments:

These materials complement our Anti-abrasive Coatings line for such cases where the abrasive component makes a rubber coating that doesn’t achieve the yield desired.